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  1. After discovering an old abandoned quarry on the border next to lake Memphremagog, no one has been able to explain my findings… I realized that the only one to have witnessed the history of this lake before the 19th century is Memphre.

  2. Over 40 hours of research for the creation:
  3. The 45th parallel is nesting ground for memphre
  4. Memphre sightings occur both on the Canadian and American side of the border
  5. Memphrés use antique drunkwood as their nests. For more information visit
« Memphré, the Birth of an International Legend » There is a fine line that borders imagination and reality.

Shannon Cooney

Sept 2006

  • Xa-
  • Historical Marker next to the Canadian-USA Border carved in Stanstead Grey Granite.
    Carved for the British Boundary Commission in 1845. AST L STATION means astrological station used to identify the 45th parallel… The carving was covered with sedimentation and had to be cleaned to read:

    424 FEET NORTH
    595 FEET SOUTH
    AUGUST 1845
    RECUT 1917

  • Xb-
  • Old rusty rails hidden underwater was used to transport granite to the loading docks. A sample of rust was collected, powdered and to be used to lightly stain the granite sculpture, created by Shannon Cooney.

  • Xc–
  • Seaweed was collected, dried, and extracted by Shannon Cooney. The pigments were used as a greenish stain for the christening of the granite sculpture created by Shannon Cooney.

  • 1–
  • Enormous Stanstead grey boulder on the border of lake Memphremagog.
  • 2–
  • Here is evidence that the granite on this beach was drilled and cut by humans.
  • 3–
  • Appears to be a natural granite outcrop, it may have been sculpted by nature or humans.
  • 4–
  • Appears to be a primitive dwelling, also looks like the beginning or the end of the quarry.
  • 5–
  • This granite block is situated about 500 feet East of Lake memphremagog(1) and was drilled and cut by humans. You can clearly see that the holes were drilled 5 inches deep 6 inches apart.

  • MORE–
  • Connect number 3-4-5 together and you’ll see that it forms a V shape, this part would appear to have been the whole quarry. Now connect 5-2-Xb-Xc and this is where the granite rails would have probably been.

    August 15th, 2006

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    Memphre - land to water

    The creation of the birth of Memphre sculpture